Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Green Clothing Fashion – Waste Nothing

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The concept of a green planet should not only be promoted by environmentalists solely, but also be experimented by everyone on earth. For the fashionistas, the best way to support the green environment concept is the wear those green fashion clothing. To help fashionistas to be green, the fashion designer Eliza Starbuck has put forward one zero-watch clothing line, fashionable and environmental friendly. Let's take a look together in the below.
Named as the Bright Young Things clothing line, the entire collection is made according to the zero waste principle. Each of them comprises three key pieces. Each piece is styled with no cutting pieces and each part is made with an entire piece of cloth.

The collection is inspired by two seemingly separate fashion concepts, the 1920's flappers and the Victorian evening wear. The collection creates two characteristic looks, one themed in beige and dark blue while one themed in deep purple. The plate in front is femininely soft and the exposure of the shoulders is charmingly sexy. Eliza Starbuck claims it a distinctive aesthetic fit for the "lady of the 21st century". With the exquisite view of the line, one would find it hard to disagree with her claim.
As a newly designed fashion artwork, this Eliza Starbuck Bright Young Things fashion clothing line is to be presented at the Amsterdam's International Fashion Week. Let's wait and take a full enjoyment of this environmental friendly artwork.
Also, what we should take from the line is not only its fashion element, but also the effort put in it to create a green environment. All of us should experiment ourselves to create a green planet.
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